Raw Observations

Classroom Visit #1 – 1st grade (6 – 7 years old)

  • Boys and girls worked together to figure out clay activity
  • Third culture kid effect: Did not know where they were from
  • More fluent English speakers were more willing to speak/participate (different stages of language development)
  • Demonstrated object conservation through observation task with clay
  • Language of question changed the kids’ perception of question
  • Used “manipulatives” e.g. rubber bands to measure the clay
  • Demand characteristics may have been present when asking questions
  • Demonstrated egocentrism when talking to themselves / talked over each other without really caring if I or others were listening

Classroom Visit #2 – 1st Grade (6 – 7 years old)

  • Scaffolding: Difficulty understanding the size of animals such as giant squid, whale shark. Needed to compare to room size to understand
  • Egocentrism: related anything back to them / talking but not necessarily caring if others are listening. E.g. showing project, but talking to themselves.
  • One kid builds paper airplane, entire class wants to build also
  • Social interactions between kids: Willing to help each other, no care as to who they interact with (less clique-y)

Classroom Visit #3 – Kindergarten (5 – 6 years old)

  • Self-talk
  • No care as to what gender they interact with
  • Use of items to grasp concepts e.g. music, used instruments, iPad games
  • Liked silly sounds / movement
  • Very touchy
  • Egocentric: Didn’t take into consideration other people’s feelings/ideas/talking e.g. all asking at once to read

Classroom Visit #4 – 2nd Grade (7 – 8 years old)

  • Less self talk E.g. when doing writing task
  • Particular increase in maturity. Such as when listening to teacher speak, more concentrated, less fidgety.
  • Girls stuck with girls, boys with boys
  • Less egocentrism, talking to one another
  • Less touchy, “amazed” at new people being in their class

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